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Gutter & Roof Cleaning in Oregon

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It is recommended that your have your gutters and your roof cleaned at least once a year. S & S Continuous Gutters offers very affordable gutter and roof cleaning services.

Services and materials provided by our company

New Gutter Installation is our specialty. We have over 20 years experience. There really aren’t too many situations we have not encountered when it comes to installing gutters and downspouts. We Install 5’’ K Style Continuous Gutters with 2 x 3 downspouts. These come in Aluminum, Steel or Copper. We install our gutters with spikes, screws or hidden hangers. We do complete tear off and removal of your old gutters.

Other services provided are:

  • gutter cleaning
  • a variety of gutter screens and covers
  • dry rot facsia board removal and repair
  • roof cleaning
  • moss removal and treatments
  • some minor pressure washing
  • drip edge metal flashing & some minor roof repair

We are also in business with quite a few local well known contractors who specialize in many different trades such as roofing, painting, windows, siding and many other home improvement areas.

Here at S & S we also specialize in getting longer life out of your existing gutters. We reseal corners, re- drain and re-slope your gutters. Up size your down spouts for more efficient flow. Add downspout cleanouts or leaf traps. We have a huge selection of guards, covers, screens to choose from to protect your gutters. Top rated covers to affordable covers for the smallest jobs.There are numerous things we can do to fix up your old gutters. We have years of experience in gutter repair and have confidence we can help you with even the smallest job.

To have our company provide you with a free estimate on our gutter and roof cleaning services, contact us in Salem, Oregon, today.